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Each week, this site will feature links to practise your English on various sites, with exercises to work on vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation and listening.
There will also be interesting or fun sites to check out. Come by each week and try something new!

Week of January 24 - 31, 2016
Because it is not always possible to have a new weekly exercise for each and every category,
exercises which are new this week are indicated with

General Vocabulary

Phrasal Verbs 3 & 4
#1 * #2 * #3 * #4 * #5
#6 * #7 * #8 * #9 * #10

Picture dictionary new !


new ! Phrasal verbs
Phrasal verbs with "hand"
Academic Vocabulary

AWL Sublist Four: Group Four
Ex 4a * Ex 4b * Ex 4c * Ex 4d * Ex 4e

UOP Academic Word Families 1


less difficult
new !
Some New Cars Save Gas
read & listen
new vocabulary
vocabulary game
pick an answer
what did you learn?

more difficult

Tarzan of the Apes
Reading Exercise
Sentence Ordering Exercise
Practice the sounds vs. new !

Minimal pairs exercise


"Connect with English" video series

new ! Episode 22: Guitar Lessons


new ! Simple Past vs. Past Continous
Exercise 1 * Exercise 2

Embedded Questions (also known as indirect questions)
Explanation * Exercise


TOEFL new !
Grammar Practice Four
TOEIC new !
Verbal Word List
IELTS new !
Listening Practice Test
Advanced CAE new !
Intermediate PET new !
Writing - Part One

This week's photo of
Victoria, Canada
Come study English in Victoria !