English Vocabulary Exercises - All Adjectives! (+ derivations) - Exercise 3-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Her head and shoulders were _______________, and got badly sunburned.
2. I travel a lot on business, and it is a lonely feeling to wake up in a _______________ bed in some unknown city.
3. The giraffe's heart is _______________; it weighs over 10 kilograms, is almost three-quarters of a metre long, and has walls up to 10 centimetres thick.
4. His hands are really _______________ because he never wears gloves when he is working in the garden.
5. The _______________ Canadian adult moves away from home between the ages of 18 - 20.
6. The ascent of Mount Logan was the _______________ challenge of his brief climbing career.
7. My neighbour is _______________. She talks to herself all the time and screams at shadows.
8. Tyrannosaurus Rex was a _______________ hunter that ate other dinosaurs.
9. Were you _______________ when you said you were thinking of quitting your job?
10. We didn't sign any contracts, but we had a _______________ agreement.
11. Officials believe that at least a thousand people were killed in the earthquake, but the _______________ number is not known.
12. I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting, but there is an _______________ call for you on line one.
13. She has done a _______________ job of organizing the Christmas party; I'm sure it'll be the best one we've ever had.
14. My mother always told me not to go to bed with _______________ hair or I could catch a cold.