English Vocabulary Exercises - All Adjectives! (+ derivations) - Exercise 3-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. In ancient times, the king was considered the _______________ authority in all matters of state.
2. American football is a _______________ sport, and players regularly get injured.
3. I prefer _______________ wood to carpeting for my floors.
4. You want to quit school to take a job at a fast-food restaurant? Are you _______________?
5. Your child's _______________ skills are somewhat weak, but it is nothing to worry about.
6. I'm not interested in having the _______________ tourist holiday in Greece; I want to meet the real people of the country.
7. The salesman told me the car would cost $5,000, but the _______________ cost with tax was $5,700.
8. Last week, a _______________ ship came to Victoria. It was so big that they could have put the Titanic in one of its storage rooms.
9. There is an _______________ need for food and medical supplies in the area hit by the earthquake.
10. The clothes in the dryer are still _______________ so you'd better turn it on for another 15 minutes or so.
11. Male lions look _______________, but the females do most of the hunting.
12. The movie was _______________; the special effects were unbelievable and the story was great.
13. Four men are dead, and another in _______________ condition after an explosion at a fireworks factory.
14. There is a _______________ noise coming out of the engine of my car.