English Vocabulary Exercises - All Adjectives! (+ derivations)

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. This week's storm is the most severe in _______________ history.
2. Ted's a _______________ guy, but he's so lazy that he quickly loses any jobs he gets.
3. We painted our kitchen a _______________ green.
4. She got a _______________ sunburn at the beach, but it's not too bad.
5. Buy a ticket today for over 20 chances at winning _______________ prizes, including a new car, and a trip to Las Vegas.
6. We bought a fuel-_______________ car in order to reduce the amount of money we are spending on gas.
7. Terrorism is defined as the _______________ targeting of civilians in order to create a climate of terror.
8. The entire nation was shocked by the _______________ murder of two small children by their baby-sitter.
9. The house feels _______________ now that the kids have gone.
10. They don't have the book I want in the _______________ library, so I'll have to order it from another branch.
11. Two _______________ studies have given the same results.
12. The student was sent to the principal's office for using _______________ language in class.
13. This steak is really _______________; I think I cooked it too long.
14. The horse broke into a _______________ trot as it made its way around the track.
15. He should have been a little more _______________ to his girlfriend's feelings.