English Vocabulary Exercises - Arts, Literature & Entertainment - Exercise 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Pelé is perhaps the most _______________ soccer player in the history of the sport.
2. I know the _______________ to that song, but I don't know the words.
3. The festival featured a number of musical performances, as well as clowns and games to _______________ the children.
4. The audience _______________ wildly when the band appeared on stage.
5. This movie might not be appropriate for children; there are several _______________ of a sexual nature.
6. Sue's daughter has a lot of _______________; I'm sure she will become a professional actress some day.
7. My daughter did a wonderful _______________ of a dragon in only a few minutes.
8. The band _______________ for weeks before finally beginning to record.
9. This story is _______________. It sounds real, but it is purely from the writer's imagination.
10. The students were sharing folk _______________ from their countries in class today.
11. The children assembled on _______________ to sing the national anthem.
12. The actress spent the morning going over her lines in the _______________.
13. They have a whale in the aquarium that _______________ tricks for spectators at 3:00 daily.
14. The play we saw was really boring; half the _______________ fell asleep.
15. The news was _______________ early this morning.
16. He is paid $10.00 an hour to stand on the street wearing a gorilla _______________ with the name of a pizza shop on it.
17. My granddaughter is in a music class where they learn to tap little drums to the _______________ of simple melodies.