English Vocabulary Exercises - Arts, Literature & Entertainment - Exercise 2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. She became _______________ while still in high school after winning a contract with a major record label.
2. His brilliant historical _______________ has made the past come alive for millions of readers.
3. The boy was whistling the _______________ from a popular television commercial as he walked to school.
4. Many of the _______________ for that movie were filmed here in Victoria.
5. The _______________ of Robin Hood has delighted children for countless generations.
6. Santana's music is an interesting blend of Latin _______________ with guitar-based rock n' roll.
7. The little girl's _______________ of her kitten showed obvious artistic talent.
8. The leading performer had to change her _______________ no less than 14 times during the play.
9. The Rolling Stones concert was _______________ to over 50 different countries.
10. He has written _______________ for a number of situation comedies on television.
11. She has been playing music for a long time, but she's never _______________ on stage before.
12. We have been _______________ for the play daily for over 3 weeks now. I think we're ready.
13. The crowd stood up to _______________ when the goal was scored.
14. Her artistic _______________ showed itself at an early age in her drawings of animals, which were extremely sophisticated for a child of 6.
15. The concert was watched via satellite by an _______________ estimated at over 50 million people.
16. The children were all dressed as various fruits and vegetables as they danced across the _______________ in the school play.
17. Frank _______________ everyone throughout the evening with a few funny stories from his childhood.