English Vocabulary Exercises - Art, Literature & Entertainment - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The people and the events in this film are purely _______________.
2. Do you know the name of this song? I recognize the _______________ but can't remember what it's called.
3. His family has been involved in the _______________ business for 50 years, as actors, musicians, singers, directors, writers, just about everything.
4. The global _______________ for the funeral of Princess Diana was estimated at over 2.5 billion people.
5. My cousin has written a _______________ for a movie, and it has just been sold to a major Hollywood producer.
6. Those kids have a real _______________ for bothering all their neighbours.
7. Hans Christian Andersen once said that every man's life is a fairy _______________ written by God's fingers.
8. Irish whiskey is world _______________ for its quality and distinctive flavour.
9. The children smiled proudly as they walked up on stage, to the _______________ of their parents.
10. Wilma enjoys _______________ views of the scenery whenever she goes travelling.
11. The _______________ of his heart is quite irregular; I'm afraid he might have a heart attack.
12. The leading actor was injured during the _______________ for the fight scene, and had to be replaced.
13. Some scenes in the play are totally _______________, so the story changes somewhat with each performance.
14. The CBC is our public _______________ in Canada.
15. I thought I looked quite different, but it only took my 4-year-old son a second to recognize me in my Santa Claus _______________.
16. Protesters _______________ a large demonstration against the World Trade Organization when it met in Seattle.
17. The concert was stopped when one of the _______________ had a heart attack.