English Vocabulary Exercises - Crime & the Law - Exercise 1-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Lawyers are expected to call at least 10 _______________ to testify during the murder trial.
2. The police became _______________ when they noticed a nervous-looking man waiting outside the bank.
3. The murder _______________ lasted over three months, and included the testimony of dozens of witnesses.
4. In my opinion, most young offenders should be _______________ to do community service rather than to go to jail.
5. Everyone gasped in surprise when the _______________ was read out.
6. The young boy looked up _______________ as his parents entered the police station where he was being held for car theft.
7. Lawyers for Paul Anderson have announced that they will appeal his _______________ for murder.
8. The first _______________ of the electric chair took eight minutes to die.
9. The accused murderer continued to protest his _______________ right up to the day that he was executed.
10. The _______________ in the case is expected to be handed down this afternoon.
11. The prime minister denies _______________ that he lied to parliament.
12. In 1935, the police in Atlantic City, New Jersey, _______________ 42 men on the beach for wearing a topless bathing suit.
13. President Clinton of the U.S. _______________ during the investigation that he hadn't had an affair with Monica Lewinsky.
14. Anyone found shoplifting in the store will be _______________ for theft.