English Vocabulary Exercises - Crime & the Law - Exercise 3-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The maximum security prison is full of murderers, _______________ and other dangerous criminals.
2. In May 2000, China toughened its regulations against computer viruses, mandating fines, and up to five years _______________ for people who spread the bugs.
3. _______________ is legal in Holland, but the women who sell sex have to charge sales tax.
4. Some doctors consider smoking around a child or giving a young child very unhealthy food to eat to be a form of _______________.
5. Context _______________ are often useful in helping you figure out the meaning of new vocabulary.
6. The plane crashed after a bomb which had been _______________ on board by a suicidal man exploded in the washroom.
7. He was _______________ for a crime he didn't commit and spent five years in jail.
8. She threatened to _______________ her neighbour if he ever touched her son, after the neighbour said he would spank the boy for stealing apples from his tree.
9. Financial _______________ are used in place of imprisonment for a variety of crimes in this country.
10. Global warming is _______________ Canada's polar bears by causing temperatures to rise in their frozen habitat.
11. Can you please tell the _______________ what you saw and heard on the night of the murder?
12. 1963, a gang of 15 _______________ stole £2,631,784 in Britain's Great Train Robbery.
13. In 1969, amendments to the Criminal Code _______________ homosexuality in Canada.
14. The man who planted a bomb that killed over 150 people in the U.S. has been _______________ to die for his crime.