English Vocabulary Exercises - Feelings, Qualities & States - Exercise 2-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The old man had a real _______________ for cats, and would take care of any cat people would find and bring to him.
2. My boss was very _______________ when he heard I was having marital problems that were affecting my work, because she went through a divorce herself about two years ago.
3. It was extremely _______________ for the murder victim's parents to see pictures of the murder scene on the news.
4. We didn't think the movie would be very good, but we were _______________ surprised.
5. We would _______________ help you move if we had the time, but unfortunately we'll be out of town on that day.
6. The apartment was a _______________ mess, with food rotting on the unwashed dishes, and cat waste on the filthy floors.
7. The young soldier stepped _______________ forward, and offered to carry the message across enemy lines.
8. The old woman had a _______________ look on her face as she held her dog in her arms.
9. It was really _______________ of him not to invite her to his Halloween party.
10. Going skydiving was an incredible experience, with _______________ ranging from excitement, to fear and wonder.
11. She has always _______________ to have children, but cannot, so they have decided to adopt.
12. The old man kissed his wife _______________ before leaving the house for his daily walk.
13. I have always lacked _______________ when speaking with women and have a hard time getting dates.