English Vocabulary Exercises - Feelings, Qualities & States - Exercise 3-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. His _______________ during the party was quite shocking to the other guests.
2. It's very _______________ at times when the boss doesn't even seem to appreciate anything we do.
3. Early explorers, impressed by the _______________ of Mozambique's people, called the land "The Country of the Good People."
4. Manfred is a strange _______________, but he does his job well.
5. He was constantly lying to his boss about this and that and finally, his _______________ cost him his job.
6. The thunderstorm sent our cat into a _______________, and she hid under our bed for hours.
7. I really _______________ speaking in public. I get so nervous that I feel like throwing up.
8. We've had a very _______________ winter this year, with almost no snow.
9. In a _______________ move, the driver sped past the competition on the last curve and won the race.
10. The _______________ policies of Adolf Hitler resulted in the death of millions of people.
11. The little boy felt really _______________ of himself when his mother caught him stealing change out of her purse.
12. People in Victoria love to _______________ to the people in the rest of Canada about how mild the winters are here.
13. I'd like to ask Penny out, but I'm too much of a _______________. I'm really afraid she'll just laugh at me.