English Vocabulary Exercises - Feelings, Qualities & States - Exercise 5-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. They live in a very _______________ two-bedroom home in the working class area of town.
2. The boss just _______________, and said he'd think about it when I asked him for a raise.
3. Stress and _______________ levels play a large role in pregnant women's daily health.
4. In my opinion, _______________ in a woman is a mixture of beauty, grace, and quiet confidence.
5. It took a couple of strong aspirin to _______________ her headache.
6. In Burma, children are loved and admired, but one should never compliment them, in case the spirits get _______________, and make them sick.
7. _______________ areas of the city can be quite unsafe at night.
8. He lost his job because of his _______________; the boss was simply tired of watching him sitting at his desk doing almost nothing.
9. I think it was very _______________ of her to tell her boss to get lost when he tried to kiss her.
10. I _______________ riding my bicycle to school when it's pouring rain; I'd rather just take the bus instead.
11. Don't be _______________ to raise your hand if you don't understand something.
12. The woman shouted _______________ at the children to stop teasing the dog.