English Vocabulary Exercises - Food & Eating - Exercise 2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I added a bit of hot sauce to the soup to give it some more _______________.
2. A cockroach can live nine days without its head before it _______________ to death.
3. This pie would be even more _______________ with a scoop of ice cream on top.
4. We get some of our _______________ D through sunlight.
5. Please don't _______________ with your mouth open; it's rude.
6. After eating the spicy food of Thailand for two years, he found British food horribly _______________.
7. My aunt and uncle made a delicious _______________ beef for dinner when we visited them.
8. Veronika sat in the bath, playing with the bubbles, and _______________ champagne.
9. This spaghetti _______________ just like my grandma used to make.
10. I just ate some scrambled eggs with hot sauce on a _______________ of whole wheat toast for lunch.
11. You shouldn't eat so much _______________ food; it's not good for your health.
12. See those white parts on the strawberries? That means they're not _______________ yet.
13. You'd better _______________ your tea; I just put some sugar and cream in it.
14. Mix all the dry _______________ before adding the milk.
15. You can choose a mild, medium, or hot _______________ for your dishes in the Indian restaurant we usually go to.
16. This still tastes a little _______________; we'd better put some more sugar in it.
17. He got sick at the barbecue after eating a hamburger that was still _______________ in the middle.