English Vocabulary Exercises - Food & Eating - Exercise 4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I didn't _______________ my tea enough and all the sugar just sat in the bottom of the cup.
2. Can you _______________ me off a couple of pieces of turkey?
3. Certain _______________ found in foods have been shown to prevent some diseases.
4. The mango drink she made was really _______________.
5. Apparently, if an insect chews on gum, its jaws will stick together, and it will _______________ to death.
6. The young woman _______________ on her cocktail, and glanced around the bar.
7. Rubber is one of the _______________ of bubble gum, and allows the chewer to blow a bubble.
8. We bought a bucket of _______________ chicken for the picnic.
9. The _______________ of the food made the supper difficult to enjoy.
10. My kids actually like the sour taste of _______________ cherries.
11. A human can _______________ one gram of salt in 500 litres of water.
12. My Japanese students said that _______________ carrots were the worst food they ate while they were here in Canada.
13. The goose should be _______________ in the oven until the meat is tender, and separates easily from the bones.
14. The steak had been cooked a little too long, so it was quite _______________.
15. There are _______________ recipes from around the world in this cookbook.
16. Aspirin has a very _______________ taste.
17. Adding _______________ to the meat while it cooks will keep it from getting too dry.