English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 1-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. With advances in genetics, perhaps someday a _______________ will be found for AIDS.
2. Ali keeps _______________ by playing squash about three times a week.
3. The old woman _______________ her legs to warm them up.
4. A doctor looks at the _______________ of an illness in order to make his diagnosis.
5. Poison ivy is a plant which causes a painful, itchy _______________ to any part of the body that comes in contact with its leaves.
6. Her tooth was _______________ so much that she had trouble falling asleep.
7. It took my uncle several months to recover from his heart _______________ operation.
8. The disease left her with a _______________ right arm, so she learned to write with her left hand.
9. Her face is _______________ by burns she received from a campfire when she was a baby.
10. The hospital was so full that they had to move some _______________ into the hall because the rooms were too crowded.
11. He got really drunk at the party, and ended up outside, _______________ in the garden.
12. That doctor uses large doses of vitamins as _______________ for a number of different illnesses.
13. Regular exercise is your best defence against _______________.
14. Scientists do not yet understand why a small number of people seem to be _______________ to the AIDS virus.
15. You should allow your supper to _______________ a bit before you start any strenuous exercise.
16. Peter visited his sister, who had just recovered from heart _______________.