English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 1-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Growing up in that country, the children developed a natural _______________ to germs in the water that make visitors ill.
2. According to my wife, eating yogurt is very good for the _______________.
3. She gave me a great back rub with some really nice-smelling _______________ oil.
4. The best _______________ for your backache right now is rest.
5. He is confined to a wheelchair because his legs are _______________.
6. The young woman was in _______________ for years after being sexually abused by her uncle.
7. The runners soaked their _______________ feet in warm water after the race.
8. Nearly 80% of the hospital beds in the tiny African nation of Burundi are taken by AIDS _______________.
9. A local man received a lung, kidney and liver _______________ in a miraculous operation performed at a Toronto hospital.
10. She has a tiny _______________ on her cheek from where her brother hit her with a toy when they were little.
11. He seems to be able to eat anything he wants, but always stays _______________.
12. The old man started _______________ blood, and died soon after.
13. The doctor told me that I will need _______________ for my knee problem.
14. Caffeine stimulates the brain, and artificially reduces _______________.
15. Many people suggest that the problem with Western medicine is that it treats the _______________ of disease rather than the cause.
16. If your baby gets a bad diaper _______________, let him run around outside with nothing on as often as possible, until it clears up.