English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 1-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I spoke to the _______________ about the operation before going to the hospital.
2. When the examination had been completed, the doctor announced that he was completely _______________ of the disease.
3. Spiders generally use their sting to _______________ their prey before eating it.
4. He was emotionally _______________ by his parents' divorce.
5. He has stopped eating meat, and has joined a health club in an effort to _______________ down.
6. Animals living in the wild normally develop a natural _______________ to diseases that kill those in zoos.
7. Nearly half of all psychiatrists have been attacked by one of their _______________.
8. Operations on animals helped to develop organ _______________ and open-heart surgery techniques.
9. She felt _______________ and confused after working 12-hour nightshifts for over a month.
10. _______________ treatments are often useful in helping to heal injuries.
11. Flamingos are not naturally pink; they get their colour from eating tiny green algae that turn pink during _______________.
12. After getting her teeth pulled, Sophie felt sick from the medicine and _______________ a couple of times.
13. Our legs were _______________ after walking around the city all day shopping.
14. Meditation can be very _______________ in helping to reduce stress.
15. My daughter breaks out in a _______________ any time she eats strawberries.
16. The patient explained the _______________ she was experiencing to her doctor.