English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 2-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Different kinds of _______________ working together in the same place may form an organ, such as the heart or brain.
2. We worked up quite an _______________ moving furniture all day, so by the time supper arrived we were ready for a big meal.
3. Phyllis found she was somewhat _______________ when she returned to work because her computer skills were lacking.
4. At about 20 billion billion kilometres away, the Andromeda galaxy is the most distant object visible to the _______________ eye.
5. The young boy got the wind knocked out of him when he got hit in the _______________ with the soccer ball.
6. Brenda stayed _______________ at the party so that she could drive her friends home.
7. By doing regular exercises, you can _______________ the muscles in your back so that you don't get backaches anymore.
8. He is out of shape simply due to _______________ and poor eating habits.
9. During the Middle Ages, onions were _______________ to treat headaches, snakebites, and hair loss.
10. Brent is totally _______________ to the fact that his business partner has been cheating him out of a good part of his share of the profits.
11. More than 50 percent of all accidental _______________ in the U.S. are due to car accidents.
12. In 430 B.C., a mysterious _______________ killed around 65,000 people in Athens, Greece.
13. Leung is an excellent mechanic, and can _______________ a lot of engine problems simply by listening to the motor while it is running.
14. I wasn't even _______________ that I had drunk too much until I started to feel sick.
15. Her physical injuries have _______________, but it will be a long time before the psychological scars of being attacked will stop causing her emotional problems.
16. I tried to start the car, but the engine just _______________ a couple of times, and then died.