English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 3-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Many old people nowadays choose to get _______________ against the flu.
2. Cathy's finger is still _______________ from where she squished it in the car door.
3. The old woman _______________ when she heard the news that her husband had been hit by a car.
4. He has excellent _______________ because he eats well, and exercises regularly.
5. The two leading causes of death in Canada are _______________ of the heart, and cancer.
6. Good _______________ is important to the physical development of children.
7. The _______________ conditions in the village are very poor so many people catch diseases.
8. Her _______________ is always bothering her because she smokes too much.
9. Don't come close to me; I have a bad cold, and I don't want to _______________ you.
10. He looks a little overweight, but actually he is quite _______________ for a man of his age.
11. He had such an _______________ to cigarettes that he smoked 40 a day, and could never imagine stopping.
12. We put out some rat _______________ to get rid of mice, but our cat ate it, and died.
13. I have a sore throat, and it is hard to _______________ any food.
14. Over a dozen people were _______________ when the small boat they were in flipped over during a storm.
15. Because he is a serious _______________ who plays at a high level in hockey, baseball and soccer, he is very careful about his diet.
16. Many of the buses in Victoria have special features to make them accessible to _______________ passengers.