English Vocabulary Exercises - Health & the Body - Exercise 3-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I don't think his car is _______________ for a cross-continent trip.
2. The spread of AIDS is partly due to drug _______________ sharing needles.
3. The little girl hated the food, so she pinched her nose, and tried to _______________ it as quickly as possible.
4. She nervously cleared her _______________ before beginning her speech.
5. The _______________ after my operation lasted for over a month.
6. We put up a fence around our private swimming pool after a neighbour's child almost _______________ when he came to swim without telling us he was there.
7. The _______________ information on the label of food products in Canada must be written in French and English.
8. The children all got an _______________ in their eyes after swimming in the polluted waters of the lake.
9. Our cat was quite sick for a while but now she's happy and _______________ again.
10. He has been physically _______________ ever since he broke his back in a car accident.
11. Without proper _______________, disease spreads quickly.
12. Millions of children throughout the world have not been immunized simply because _______________ were unavailable.
13. The woman lay in a _______________ in the middle of the park.
14. He had the _______________ for a couple of years, but is now completely cured.
15. Anne and I got food _______________ once after eating raw mushrooms in a salad.
16. Janet is not very _______________ gifted, but she has a lot of fun playing sports nonetheless.