English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 1-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The dyes for the _______________ are made from local plants.
2. _______________ between the various levels of government has made everything much easier.
3. Slobodan Milosevic was forced to _______________ as president of Yugoslavia after widespread protests.
4. I make _______________ from my account almost every day using my bank card.
5. The _______________ of tobacco is an important source of income for many farms in Quebec and Ontario.
6. It looks like the _______________ by ferry workers is going to be a long one, with government negotiators and union officials both saying they have given up on talks for the time being.
7. We have found a lot of new _______________ through our advertising on the Internet.
8. There are a number of restrictions in place on the _______________ of exotic fruits and vegetables.
9. She quit her job as an advertising _______________ for a major firm to open her own consulting business.
10. A major union tried to _______________ workers at MacDonut's, but failed when the company threatened to close its restaurants.
11. The company has a _______________ of one million dollars for research.
12. _______________ is the biggest killer of children in the world.
13. The economic _______________ of the European countries has resulted in greater prosperity for the region.
14. The company went bankrupt, so the owners never paid their _______________ to the suppliers.
15. He was able to get a good _______________ by buying stuff in bulk.
16. Our corporation has _______________ with companies all over the world.
17. I'll never _______________ my car to my brother again. He dented the front fender while he was parking it.