English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 2-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He treats his wife like a _______________. He doesn't do any housework or help her in any way.
2. Be sure you include any volunteer work you have done on your _______________.
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a television _______________ for some kind of soup in Japan.
4. I'm sorry, I can't loan you any more money; you already _______________ me about 50 bucks.
5. High-tech companies are really _______________, and there are lots of jobs available in the industry these days.
6. The _______________ in the building are complaining that the landlord is taking too long to make repairs.
7. The latest Russian-American space _______________ has failed due to engineering problems.
8. Canada's high _______________ sometimes make it difficult for this country's industry to compete with the U.S.
9. We are _______________ people today for the position of cultural assistant in the summer language programs.
10. He will never amount to anything in life because he lacks the _______________ to work hard.
11. Many of the country's labour unions are _______________ with the left-wing political party.
12. In the weeks preceding Christmas, toy _______________ do a lot of advertising in order to increase their sales.
13. Her apartment only _______________ $500 a month, everything included.
14. A $50 _______________ is required at the time of purchase.
15. Unemployment in this country is due to a _______________ in labour, not because people are too lazy to work.
16. He got _______________ from his job because he is too slow.
17. She lost $5,000 in tuition when the private language school she was attending went _______________.