English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 2-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He has been finding it difficult to find a new job since he got _______________.
2. Many African _______________ captured for sale in America died during the difficult journey across the Atlantic.
3. The U.S. is growing increasingly concerned about Japan's growing trade _______________.
4. He is always working on some new business _______________, but I don't know if he actually makes any money from them or not.
5. The Esso gas stations here in Canada are simply foreign _______________ of the Exxon Corporation.
6. This woman has an excellent _______________, with a good education and lots of experience.
7. Canada enjoyed a period of economic growth and _______________ in the 1950s.
8. So, what do I _______________ you for the work you've done so far?
9. _______________ of the building must pay one month's rent as a damage deposit, which will be refunded when they move out if the apartment is clean and in good shape.
10. In 55 B.C., Marcus Tullius Cicero remarked that payments to foreign governments must be reduced if the nation doesn't want to go _______________.
11. Japan is famous for the _______________ of quality cars.
12. I get my salary _______________ automatically to my bank account.
13. Beirut has remained an important _______________ centre since over 1,000 years before Christ.
14. Newly unionized workers at MacBurger's have gone on strike in the hopes of raising their _______________ and improving their benefits.
15. There were over 10 people _______________ for the job, but they haven't hired anyone yet.
16. Rising tuition _______________ are preventing many young people from getting a university education.
17. She is a very _______________ person, and will do anything to achieve success.