English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 3-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. A large _______________ of fishing boats set out today, signalling the start of the salmon season.
2. Our children get excited every September when we buy their new school _______________ and clothes.
3. We _______________ all our equipment when we went skiing at Mt. Washington.
4. My parents are really looking forward to their _______________, and have all kinds of plans.
5. The PC pretty well controls the _______________ for computers here in North America.
6. The top-selling retailing outlet each year will receive _______________ of 25% for each of the employees.
7. For many people, _______________ becomes an addiction which ruins their lives.
8. There are a lot of job _______________ for teenagers in the tourist industry in Victoria each summer.
9. When your computer gets old, and you want to replace it, consider _______________ it to a local school instead of throwing it in the garbage.
10. In the late 1600s, Ireland recognized the food _______________ of potatoes, and became the first country in Europe to plant potatoes as a staple food crop.
11. A beer producer here in town has the _______________ "Think globally, drink locally."
12. When I was young, one of my _______________ was to take out the garbage.
13. They hired someone to replace the secretary for a week through some kind of _______________.
14. The _______________ of lumber is a major contributor to the economy of this province.
15. My sister _______________ the toaster we gave her for Christmas because she already had one.
16. I don't have the proper _______________ to fix my car by myself.
17. The federal government offers _______________ to small businesses at low interest rates.