English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 4-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The _______________ where my uncle works hands out generous bonuses to all its employees at Christmas time.
2. Trevor said he always _______________ his waitress unless the service is really bad.
3. We are looking for a _______________ to help fund our local soccer team.
4. We were talking business all through supper at the restaurant, so I _______________ the cost of the meal on my income tax.
5. You _______________ from your volunteer work by gaining valuable experience for future employment, in addition to the simple enjoyment of helping others.
6. Looking at the _______________, I'd say it'll probably be a long meeting.
7. I don't know how my neighbour _______________ to work full-time, raise her two children, and keep her house clean, all by herself.
8. Our household _______________ have certainly increased since we bought our own house.
9. Eric has to _______________ about eighty kilometres to work every day.
10. The workers are _______________ a new contract with management.
11. He doesn't spend much time with his family because his _______________ is the most important thing in his life.
12. Our washing machine wasn't working very well, so my neighbour helped me to _______________ it using a book he had on fixing household appliances.
13. We'd like to go skiing this winter, but we can't really _______________ it right now because my wife isn't working.
14. I don't understand the _______________ of rich movie stars who do advertising to get even more money.
15. Dick _______________ $100 on a bicycle at the auction, but it eventually sold for $150.
16. During a time of war, there is generally a _______________ of oil, so gasoline is usually rationed.
17. My children can't believe that the home computer hadn't even been _______________ when I was a kid.