English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 4-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My teacher _______________ ten points from my essay because it was too short.
2. Food _______________ in North Korea caused thousands of deaths a couple of years ago.
3. Telecommunication _______________ in Somalia currently offer the lowest international telephone call rates on the African continent.
4. The four most important _______________ of the Chinese are widely accepted to be paper, printing, gunpowder, and the compass.
5. You can't _______________ to miss any classes. Your marks aren't very good right now, and you may fail the course.
6. American theatre _______________ say they sell the most popcorn during the showing of scary movies.
7. A major corporation has withdrawn its _______________ of the sporting event due to rumours of drug use by the athletes.
8. We are part of a purely non-_______________ organization working towards reducing starvation in the developing world.
9. Any items on this week's _______________ that are not discussed today will have to wait until next week.
10. Henry Kissinger was the chief _______________ for the United States at the Paris peace talks, where an agreement to end the Vietnam war was reached.
11. Studies have shown that when a waitress draws a happy face on a bill, _______________ rise 18%.
12. She hopes to have a successful _______________ in business after completing her commerce degree.
13. The children _______________ ripped their Christmas presents open.
14. Many British Columbia wines offer excellent quality at very little _______________.
15. We had to call in a television _______________ to fix our set only 6 months after we bought it.
16. The train only stopped long enough for a few _______________ to hop on.
17. In 1993, an unknown _______________ paid $945,000 at auction for the Oscar award won by Vivien Leigh in the movie "Gone With the Wind."