English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 5-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Some animals in factory farms spend their lives confined to concrete _______________ and metal cages, terrified and suffering in such unnatural conditions.
2. She was angry because her boss increased her _______________ in her job, but he didn't increase her salary.
3. It takes a lot of communication _______________ to successfully manage a large staff of personnel.
4. The company fired him only a week after _______________ him because he was such a lazy worker.
5. She has _______________ her mother's good looks.
6. The _______________ use of pesticides has become a leading source of water pollution in our country.
7. The mining industry contributes over 90% to Zambia's export _______________.
8. Many Japanese corporations are known for their _______________ management practices.
9. We _______________ a computer rather than buying it for our home business so that we could deduct the cost from our income tax.
10. I just got a _______________ of over 50 cents an hour.
11. He believes that private _______________ is the only vehicle which can properly stimulate our economy.
12. Disney is the largest media corporation in the world, with _______________ worth over 37 billion dollars in 1997.
13. Since the downturn in the economy, we have had to cut _______________ in the office by about 5 people.
14. The symphony is _______________ entirely through donations by local businesses.
15. There is presently some concern over the security of credit card _______________ which take place over the Internet.
16. This year's _______________ of grapes is expected to produce the finest wine in a decade.
17. He had an old coin that he thought was valuable, but actually it was _______________ because it was in such bad condition.