English Vocabulary Exercises - The World of Money & Work - Exercise 6-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. His _______________ is entirely due to his hard work.
2. We don't _______________ much, but we are rich in family.
3. Car manufacturing is an important _______________ in Ontario.
4. Just push the button on the _______________, and it will do everything automatically.
5. In my opinion, health is more important than _______________ because if you're sick, you can't enjoy your life, no matter how much money you have.
6. She _______________ 5 women working in a daycare centre.
7. Their company _______________ over 500 workers.
8. The one-way _______________ to New York is approximately $250.
9. The work _______________ finished up around 6:00
10. Gail Rogers has been _______________ the job of head sales rep but has not yet accepted the position.
11. He has just been _______________ vice-president.
12. All the family and neighbours worked together to _______________ the fruit at the end of the season.
13. If you want to sell your car, you should _______________ at the university. Lots of students are looking for good, used cars.
14. If I withdraw money from a different bank's cash machine, there is a $1.50 _______________.
15. Most networks link computers within a limited area, such as within a _______________.
16. The government has promised to lower _______________ for low-income families.
17. She has worked in the _______________ industry, both in sales and in management, for over 25 years.