English Vocabulary Exercises - The Natural World - Exercise 2-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The stink of _______________ fish on the beach made me feel sick.
2. The scientists found the bones of deer and other animals inside the _______________ where the bear had spent the winter.
3. Colombia's mountain _______________ is ideal for growing coffee.
4. Water pollution has had a serious effect on _______________ life off the coast of the province.
5. It is estimated that within the entire _______________, there are more than a trillion galaxies.
6. After the salmon eggs _______________, the babies live in the sand for a few weeks.
7. There is no _______________ on the moon, so unless someone disturbs them, an astronaut's footprints will last forever!
8. When he took off his shoes, his feet really _______________.
9. Our rose plant _______________ last week, and the flowers smell wonderful.
10. India's tiger _______________ has approximately doubled since the 1970s, thanks to protection measures.
11. Beaver Lake is getting full of _______________, and is dangerous for swimmers in some parts.
12. Robbie injured his knee, and a bunch of _______________ collected around the injury causing it to swell up.
13. You can recycle various _______________ through the blue box program in Victoria.
14. All the fish in the _______________ have died since the factory was built.