English Vocabulary Exercises - The Natural World - Exercise 2-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Aesop's fable tells us, "Don't count your chickens before they are _______________."
2. Birds use many different _______________ to build nests.
3. The young girl forgot an apple in her knapsack for a week, and it went _______________.
4. The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft landed on Mars in 1997 and made measurements of the Martian _______________.
5. The world's deepest known _______________, at a depth of 2080 metres, is located in Abkhazia, a small country which borders on Russia.
6. The president is very popular, and is said to have the support of over 60% of the _______________.
7. The Dahlak Archipelago in Eritrea has been designated a national park in order to preserve its rich _______________ life, which includes dolphins, sharks, turtles, and beautiful seashells.
8. Something really _______________ - I think I must have stepped in some dog poop.
9. The _______________ of this vine have a very strong, sweet smell.
10. Your kids are growing like _______________. I can't believe how tall they are.
11. There are certain gestures, such as a smile, which are _______________ recognizable.
12. The human body can go more than 40 days without something to eat, but only four to five days without _______________.
13. We held the birthday party outside, and it was so _______________ that it was difficult to light the candles on the cake.
14. A balloon released into the jet _______________ would take two weeks to travel completely around the globe.