English Vocabulary Exercises - The Natural World - Exercise 2-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My girlfriend and I love to stroll down by the water on a _______________ day when the waves are crashing onto the beach.
2. The garbage really _______________. I think there may be some rotten fish in it.
3. Shirley was out _______________ the flower beds all afternoon, so she's pretty tired out.
4. I know I'm a _______________ tennis player, but I enjoy the game anyway.
5. Aluminum, glass, and paper are the three _______________ most easy to recycle.
6. The little girl stood looking at her broken toy, with tears _______________ down her face.
7. The young boys found a _______________ in the hills that they used as their secret fort.
8. The most _______________ regions of Canada are located fairly close to the American border.
9. Mozart's musical genius _______________ at a very young age.
10. Victoria is a good place to study _______________ biology because we are right on the Pacific coast.
11. We must attack the planet Jupiter before any more of their warrior dragons _______________ from their golden eggs.
12. The _______________ is so incredibly big that I think there must be life on other planets somewhere.
13. Because seawater is _______________, it responds to the small force of the moon's gravity.
14. Natural landscapes are greatly influenced by both the rock structure of a region and its _______________.