English Vocabulary Exercises - The Natural World - Exercise 3-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You should change some of the _______________ in your houseplants if you want them to grow better.
2. Leopards communicate by _______________, and by scent.
3. These special Christmas logs burn with red, green, and blue _______________.
4. Engineers said that _______________ in the World Trade Centre after they were hit by the hijacked planes could have been as high as 2,000 degrees.
5. We put a bench in a _______________ area of the garden, so we could get out of the sun when we wanted to.
6. Many of the world's best-known animals live in Africa, on huge grassy _______________.
7. It is important to drink plenty of _______________ when you spend time out in the hot sun.
8. In 625 B.C., _______________ coins were introduced in Greece.
9. She wrote "I love you" on the _______________ up mirror of the bathroom after they stepped out of the shower together.
10. She wanted to visit her _______________ country once more before she died.
11. The sun was shining, and a warm _______________ was blowing.
12. The child _______________ with fear when he saw the big dog.
13. _______________ areas have been the hardest hit by the storm.
14. The people of Belarus continue to live with the consequences of the world's worst nuclear _______________ at Chernobyl.
15. Nearly 65 percent of America's aluminum cans are _______________.