English Vocabulary Exercises - The Natural World - Exercise 5-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Her hands were all _______________ from working in the garden.
2. The wolves quickly _______________ into the dark forest, and were gone.
3. My coat is made of fake _______________; I would never wear the real thing.
4. Mount Fuji is an _______________ volcano.
5. She uses _______________ oils in her massage therapy practice because they help the clients to relax during and after the treatments.
6. You can see _______________ coming off the wires of the electrical streetcars in Vancouver.
7. The _______________ area of the jungle has been largely cut down to make way for cattle farms.
8. Noise _______________ is a serious problem in many large cities.
9. The fireworks burst in the air with brilliant colours and _______________ explosions.
10. In January of 1502, Portuguese explorers landed at a _______________ on the coast of South America, and named the site Rio de Janeiro, meaning River of January.
11. The teacher was trying to _______________ the excited children back to class after the performance ended.
12. We got our feet all wet walking on the _______________ ground.
13. The bedroom is _______________. Did you leave the window open?
14. The hunter became nervous when he heard a noise coming from the _______________