English Vocabulary Exercises - Lots of Nouns (and derivations) - Exercise 1-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Equal rights and _______________ are guaranteed to all Turkish citizens.
2. The movie has caused a real _______________ in the film world, with people either hating it or loving it.
3. Drinking alcohol seriously affects your _______________ to drive a car safely.
4. There is a _______________ of about half an hour between the two shows, so we should be able to go and get something to eat.
5. Many people in this country have lost _______________ in the democratic process.
6. The _______________ of the Beatles' music lies in a mixture of American blues, country, and of course, the beginnings of rock 'n' roll.
7. There is a _______________ here for you from your grandmother. It came in the mail this morning.
8. Jeff has just phoned to say that _______________ is light on Highway 1 this morning.
9. The axe _______________ got chipped when he hit a rock while chopping firewood.
10. People of Palestinian _______________ account for about 60% of the population of Jordan.
11. We should have the _______________ of your blood test by tomorrow.
12. I have a _______________ of grammar tests to mark by tomorrow, so I can't go out tonight.
13. Can you pick up a five kilo _______________ of flour on your way home from work? I want to make some bread tomorrow.
14. I'm sorry about the _______________ in the kitchen; I'll clean it up when I get home.
15. Donovan Bailey won the 100 metre sprint _______________ at the 1996 Olympic Games.