English Vocabulary Exercises - Lots of Nouns (and derivations) - Exercise 3-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You should tie the _______________ for the baby's balloon around his wrist in case he accidentally lets go of it.
2. Italy has a multi-party _______________ of government.
3. You need a good, interesting opening _______________ for your essay.
4. He has gone to pick out some new _______________ for his glasses.
5. While driving on the highway, we got stuck behind some idiot who was driving really slowly, but wouldn't get out of the passing _______________.
6. This is a photograph of our garden taken from the _______________ of the house.
7. The map is drawn on a _______________ of one centimetre to 10 kilometres.
8. Personally, I think that the story of the Loch Ness Monster is just a _______________ that the local people like to keep alive because it brings in so many tourist dollars.
9. The _______________ of the course is described in the course outline.
10. My daughter wore a white _______________ over her head as a ghost costume for Halloween.
11. The young boy followed the girls at a _______________, trying to get up the courage to speak to them.
12. Frodo had all kinds of exciting and dangerous _______________ on his journey through Middle Earth.
13. Someone cut the _______________ of her purse on a crowded bus, and stole her bag with everything in it.
14. The _______________ of these exercises is to help you learn new vocabulary.
15. Our sense of touch allows us to acquire information about the weight, shape, firmness and _______________ of objects in our environment.