English Vocabulary Exercises - Lots of Nouns (and derivations) - Exercise 5-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We always do a security check on an applicant's _______________ before hiring anyone.
2. He wore his new _______________ to the job interview.
3. She has been working in the marketing _______________ for over a year now.
4. We got a bike _______________ for our van, so we can take our bicycles with us when we go camping.
5. The ladybug climbed up the _______________ of the plant.
6. I can't get the _______________ off the peanut butter jar; someone put it on too tight.
7. A wedding is one of life's greatest _______________, a time for good wishes and celebration.
8. She was wearing a beautiful white dress with a lovely _______________ of red roses on it.
9. The doctor said that my grandfather's _______________ was very serious.
10. She stood at the water's _______________, and let the waves gently wash over her feet.
11. I can't go out tonight because I have to baby-sit the _______________.
12. Tattoos are a popular _______________ among young people nowadays.
13. Don't rush, we have _______________ of time.
14. One man is dead, and another in hospital after a _______________ between a truck and a sports car on the highway this morning.
15. The sound of thunder broke the _______________ of the night.