English Vocabulary Exercises - Lots of Nouns (and derivations) - Exercise 5-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Because the banana _______________ is not woody and is 93% water, even moderate winds can blow down a plant.
2. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was a very important _______________ in the history of Canada.
3. Cell phones are a popular new _______________ amongst teenagers these days.
4. The family _______________ in North America typically consists of two parents and one or two children.
5. She slowly lifted the _______________ from the box and looked inside.
6. They aren't identical _______________, so they don't actually look much alike.
7. The pilots of two small planes were both killed after a mid-air _______________ above the airport.
8. Don't leave your cup so close to the _______________ of the table, or it might fall off.
9. The store has _______________ of great clothes on sale for 50% off.
10. I don't need any change; I have _______________ of coins in my pocket.
11. She took a photo of Paris from the Notre Dame Cathedral, and you could just see the Eiffel Tower in the _______________.
12. Police are studying the five murders to see if there is a _______________ which would suggest they were all committed by the same person.
13. In 1935, the police in Atlantic City, New Jersey arrested 42 men on the beach for wearing topless bathing _______________.
14. My sister likes to sit in church, and enjoy the _______________ and the peacefulness.
15. Thieves broke a glass _______________ with the jewels in it and then escaped without being seen by the guards.