English Vocabulary Exercises - Nouns? Verbs? Both! With derivations! - Exercise 11-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. This pizza is way too big for one person. Do you want to _______________ it with me?
2. Smoking is now _______________ in all public buildings in Victoria.
3. A young boy in Victoria is a hero today after _______________ his sister from their burning home in Fairfield.
4. What are you guys _______________ to do for your summer holidays?
5. He _______________ his hand good-bye as the train left the station.
6. The young teenager was _______________ as a trouble-maker after getting into a fight with two different guys in the first week of school.
7. I _______________ my car while I was backing up in the parking lot.
8. She _______________ her face and began to cry.
9. Vlado was _______________ when we took him to see the new Disney movie.
10. We went on a brewery tour, and afterwards they let us _______________ the different beers.
11. If the world's population continues to _______________, one day there will not be enough food for everyone.
12. Her host family _______________ on the improvement in her English over the three month period.
13. The old cat _______________ at the kitten, and hissed when it tried to approach her.
14. One can't _______________ Herman for lack of effort in gym class; it's just that he's not very coordinated.
15. A boy on a bicycle _______________ past the window.
16. I _______________ that you leave immediately!