English Vocabulary Exercises – Nouns? Verbs? Both! With derivations! - Exercise 14-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He broke his arm when he hit a bump, and took a _______________ off his bicycle.
2. There is a _______________ of paper to write messages on beside the telephone.
3. His mother was very upset when she found a _______________ of cigarettes in his pants pocket while she was doing the laundry.
4. I had my _______________ about Francis when she was hired for the job, but since then she has really impressed me with her work.
5. Janice has to wear a _______________ on her knee as a result of a bicycling accident.
6. The _______________ for the missing boat had to be called off temporarily due to a severe storm.
7. When I point to you, that's the _______________ to begin.
8. We tied back the _______________ of the tent to let some morning sunlight in.
9. The heart of a healthy person generally beats at the _______________ of about 60 times per minute.
10. The store will be closed on the weekend to allow us to do an inventory of our current _______________.
11. He had a wonderful _______________ when he stayed in Mexico for a year to learn Spanish.
12. The old woman's cat was a real _______________ to her after the death of her husband.
13. A _______________ makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound.
14. I don't know the answer; could you just give me a little _______________ to help me?
15. The _______________ on my favourite coffee mug broke off when I was washing the dishes.