English Vocabulary Exercises – Nouns? Verbs? Both! With derivations! - Exercise 14-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. _______________ learning encourages students to use the knowledge they have gained, and add to it through direct experience.
2. Forrest Gump had to wear _______________ on his legs as a little boy, but later grew up to be a long-distance runner.
3. The human brain continues sending out electrical wave _______________ for up to 37 hours following death.
4. Robert will _______________ pass the test. He spends a lot of time studying.
5. HIV/AIDS infection _______________ in Botswana are the highest in the world, with over 35% of the adult population living with the disease.
6. The children were tucked _______________ in bed, and were waiting for Santa Claus to visit during the night.
7. _______________ have failed to find the little girl who disappeared from a local park.
8. The train station was _______________ with people when we got there.
9. Interest rates have _______________ in the last few months.
10. He got rich when he bought some _______________ in an Internet company, and they increased in value by 100 times what he paid for them.
11. We are going to _______________ some cream to put on the strawberries.
12. This delightful red wine has delicious tastes of fresh berries and chocolate, with a _______________ of spice.
13. Goaltenders in ice hockey wear _______________ over most of their body to protect them from the puck.
14. The bedsheets _______________ on the clothesline.
15. The _______________ on my suitcase was broken during the flight here.