English Vocabulary Exercises - Nouns? Verbs? Both! With derivations! - Exercise 5-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We gave our dad a coffee mug in the _______________ of a golf ball for his birthday.
2. During the fight he received a _______________ to the face that broke his nose.
3. Officials believe the plane _______________ was due to a build-up of ice on the wings.
4. Within hours of the _______________ of Microsoft's Office '97, illegal copies were being sold in a market in Russia.
5. The _______________ of AIDS is partly due to drug addicts sharing needles.
6. The little girl gave out a _______________ when she saw the spider.
7. I must have slept in a strange _______________ last night because I woke up with a really sore neck.
8. The car was a total _______________ after getting hit by a train.
9. He wrote a short _______________ of the play for the local paper.
10. She worked as a _______________ in Milan for a couple of years, and then went into fashion design herself.
11. If the puppy tries to bite you, just give him a light _______________ on the nose, and he'll stop.
12. Scientists are looking for a _______________ which will produce energy without polluting the air.
13. Your computer chair should be adjustable, and should provide good back _______________.
14. The hiker became frightened when he heard a _______________ coming from the bushes.
15. Look at all the _______________ on these shelves; we really need to clean this place up.
16. My mom and dad are divorced, but my dad still acted as my mom's _______________ to my wedding.