English Vocabulary Exercises - Nouns? Verbs? Both! With derivations! - Exercise 6-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The little boy _______________ the cookie in his mouth, and ran out the door.
2. Tyra spilled coffee all over her new blouse, _______________ it.
3. We heard people in the water _______________ for help when we approached the sinking ship.
4. The children were sitting on the edge of the dock with their legs _______________ over the water.
5. The flight was _______________ by bad weather.
6. Someone threw a rock at my car and _______________ the windshield.
7. Women should be _______________ for breast cancer at least once a year.
8. The teacher _______________ the children who left their desks clean and tidy at the end of the day with little animal stickers.
9. The soldiers _______________ into the square, and stood at attention.
10. You worked for 15 hours without a break? I _______________ you're exhausted.
11. The oil fields of Alberta _______________ millions of gallons of oil each year.
12. Many homes have a special device on their taps to _______________ their water for drinking.
13. The cat is _______________; I think it hurt its paw in a fight.
14. The rabbits living on campus _______________ in the spring, so there are lots of baby bunnies around the university in April.
15. The baby was able to _______________ up onto the chair all by herself.
16. The team's popular captain has been _______________ by knee injuries for most of the season.