English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General 7) - Exercise 10-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My current salary doesn't _______________ luxuries such as holidays outside the country.
2. Her hard work at school has really _______________ - she just got a great job!
3. They planned a big party but only half the people they invited _______________.
4. If negotiations _______________ too long, we should consider taking a break and trying again tomorrow.
5. If this new treatment doesn't work, we have a number of other options we can _______________ that have had some success.
6. Xi and I used to _______________ once a week or so at a Japanese or Korean restaurant.
7. The number of tourists visiting our city is _______________ because of the increase in travel costs.
8. The school is planning to _______________ cell phone use in class because the teachers are worried students are using them to cheat.
9. The facts really don't _______________, so we must be missing some information somewhere.
10. The meeting has been _______________ because the boss is sick.
11. I'm not really sure if this is what I want. I think I'm going to _______________ a bit more.
12. I'm so sorry to hear that your father has _______________.
13. My neighbour and I were having some problems over his dog but I think we've _______________.
14. Every time I start telling my husband about how hard it is doing housework, he just _______________ and ignores me.
15. A few streets are _______________ during the fesitval so people can walk around without worrying about cars.