English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (Relationships) - Exercise 1-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I can't believe you told everyone my secret. You really _______________.
2. She's been feeling a little down since she _______________ with her boyfriend.
3. Hey, you should _______________ the new secretary in accounting. She is hot!
4. I can't believe it. Some guy tried to _______________ my wife during the company Christmas party.
5. There's a girl in John's class that he wants to _______________, but he's too shy.
6. My parents are hoping I'll _______________ with their friends' daughter, but she's really not my type.
7. The young couple were _______________ on the couch when the girl's parents walked in.
8. My son didn't do anything over the holidays, other than _______________ with his friends and play video games.
9. Carolyn had a huge fight with her boyfriend, but he apologized and now they have _______________.
10. My girlfriend really likes rap music, but personally, it doesn't _______________ at all.
11. There's a new secretary in our office, and I really want to ask her out, but I'm afraid she'll _______________.
12. My wife and my mother don't really _______________ very well, so it makes life a bit difficult at times.
13. My wife was really feeling down about her job so I took her to a movie to _______________.
14. We _______________ a friend downtown and decided to go for a beer together.
15. When he was a teenager, he really used to _______________ his little brother and make him cry, but now they are like best friends.