English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (Relationships) - Exercise 1-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My parents _______________ when I was about two years old, so I've never really lived with my father.
2. He took his girlfriend up to the top of Mount Douglas, and they _______________ in his car.
3. If I feel down, I usually just listen to some music I like, and that helps to _______________.
4. My roommate really _______________. She said she would pay me for her telephone bill but she didn't.
5. Hey, why don't you ask that girl to dance? She's been _______________ ever since we got here.
6. I hate it when I go to a party with my girlfriend and other guys start _______________ her right in front of me.
7. He was let go a week after being hired, because he wasn't able to _______________ with anyone in the office.
8. Whenever my wife and I have an argument, we always try to _______________ before going to bed, so that we don't go to sleep angry.
9. After being _______________ by a number of girls he asked out, Ralph gave up trying.
10. It really _______________ when my girlfriend wears her tight black dress.
11. If you _______________ anyone I know at the party, say hello for me.
12. We were really tired last night, so we just _______________ at home and watched television.
13. My teacher always _______________ me. About 6 people in class didn't do their homework but she only yelled at me.
14. After breaking up with Karen, Bob _______________ with a girl he met at his sister's wedding.
15. There's a really nice looking guy in my English class. I want to _______________, but I think he already has a girlfriend.