English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (School & Work) - Exercise 2-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You didn't double-space your essay. You don't have to _______________ but please make sure you double-space next time.
2. You can leave now and I'll _______________ with you a little later.
3. If you party too much while studying full time at university, you will probably _______________ after a while.
4. My son always _______________ in school so his marks aren't very good.
5. Professional athletes have to learn to _______________ high levels of stress.
6. I have to go home to my country for my sister's wedding for a couple of weeks and I'm afraid I'm going to _______________ in class.
7. The fire alarm _______________ during my biology class so we all had to go outside.
8. Everyone has to _______________ their reports by next Friday.
9. I wasn't fired from my last job; I was _______________ because the company is having financial difficulties.
10. I set two alarm clocks so that I wouldn't _______________ by mistake.
11. After looking for the lost hikers for over a month, the police have announced that they have _______________ the search.
12. The American government believes that the attack on the World Trade Centre was _______________ by men working under the command of Osama Bin Laden.
13. In Japan, there are people in the subway who _______________ free tissues to passersby.
14. She always _______________ doing her homework until the last minute.
15. She failed her exam because she _______________ and didn't do any studying for it.