English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General - 1) - Exercise 3-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. They expected about 20 would attend the lecture, so they were quite surprised when over 50 people _______________.
2. The teacher let each child _______________ a toy to play with for the morning.
3. I tried to make a birthday cake, but I totally _______________. I accidentally put salt in it instead of sugar.
4. After three months of homework assignments, the students were _______________ completing their course.
5. I need to talk to you later. Can you _______________ my desk before you go home this evening?
6. He was _______________ on his bicycle, trying to do tricks, when he fell and broke his wrist.
7. He was murdered by the military after he _______________ about government corruption.
8. Your offer of $2000 for my car is less than I was hoping, but I'll _______________.
9. It will be a little sad to see the old stadium get _______________; we saw a lot of really great games there.
10. If you _______________ any information about how to get rid of computer viruses, could you send it to me?
11. Why don't you guys _______________ the tent while we get a campfire started?
12. When my girlfriend _______________ I was cheating on her, she dumped me.
13. She was going to get married to my brother but they had a big fight a week before the wedding and _______________ breaking up instead.
14. She _______________ about ten pairs of shoes at the store but she couldn't find anything she liked.
15. She _______________ when she was donating blood so she had to lay down for over an hour before they let her go.
16. My daughter _______________ as a princess for Halloween.