English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General - 2) - Exercise 4-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Why don't you _______________ your books and watch a movie with me?
2. My brother got _______________ by the cops, because one of his headlights was burnt out.
3. I _______________ all my time marking homework assignments so I didn't have time to prepare my lesson for class tomorrow.
4. You'd better _______________ your room before mom sees it or she'll kill you.
5. I cleaned out my garage this weekend and _______________ a bunch of crap.
6. Bus drivers help disabled people _______________ and off the buses here in Victoria.
7. When you are _______________ the canoe, make sure you keep your body low in order to keep it from flipping over.
8. What are you guys doing tonight? Do you want to _______________ town with me in my dad's new car?
9. She _______________ too much perfume and it smelled really strong.
10. We always _______________ the heat when we go to bed in order to save energy.
11. Our dog always _______________ at night and starts barking if someone walks by our house.
12. The racer _______________ his bicycle to check the tires.
13. The farmer _______________ his truck and slowly drove away.
14. Can you _______________ my purse while I go to the washroom?
15. Can somebody _______________ the heat? It's freezing in here.
16. Why don't you _______________ your hat so we can see your new haircut?
17. Oh-oh, it's already 8:00. We'd better _______________ soon if we want to go to the movie tonight.