English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (Trouble!) - Exercise 5-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. A terrorist bomb _______________ on a city bus, killing three people and wounding a dozen others.
2. He _______________ really bad when he was mountain-biking and broke his arm and really scratched up his legs.
3. Someone _______________ my cell phone when I left it on the table for a minute at the nightclub.
4. My car _______________ on the way home from work, so I had to catch a bus.
5. My dad totally _______________ when he found out that I had dented his new car.
6. Two teenage boys are in trouble at school after they _______________ a classmate, leaving him with broken teeth and bruises to the face and arms.
7. He _______________ the chance to work in a great company in order to travel.
8. Man, what are you so angry about? You really need to _______________ a bit.
9. Can you guys _______________ for a minute? I just want to finish washing the dishes before we go.
10. Mr. Beauchamp _______________ about 45 minutes ago and should be in his room now.
11. Police estimate that robbers who _______________ the Bank of Montreal got away with over $100,000 in cash.
12. She held her boyfriend's hand tightly during the scary movie, and didn't _______________ of it until the film was over.
13. You need to pay your telephone bill before you _______________ of the hotel.
14. My parents are afraid that if I don't go to university, I'll _______________ getting some low-paying job in a shoe store or something.
15. When I told my wife I wanted to buy a new car, she _______________ that we didn't have enough money.
16. She _______________ her dad; they're both really friendly and outgoing.