English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (Trouble!) - Exercise 5-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I'm just going to _______________ and leave my bags in the hotel and then I'll meet you out front.
2. He gets so scared before exams. He needs to try to _______________ or he'll be too nervous to do his test tomorrow.
3. We _______________ of our hotel late so we had to pay for an extra day.
4. The child was sent to see the principal after telling another little boy that he was going to _______________.
5. The young woman completely _______________ when the boy dropped a spider on her head.
6. A suicide bomber _______________ in front of U.S. Army headquarters.
7. He is always _______________ stuff at stores to pay for his drug habit.
8. If you don't stop drinking so much, you could _______________ with serious health problems.
9. A drug addict _______________ the pharmacy and stole a bunch of pills.
10. A lot of kids injure their wrists and elbows when they _______________ on their skateboards.
11. They were planning on going for a holiday at the lake when we _______________ that none of the children knew how to swim.
12. I like going on road trips with Dave because I know if the car _______________, he'll be able to fix it.
13. The dog was pulling so hard on his leash that I had to _______________, because it was hurting my hand so much.
14. All our phone lines are busy. Can you please _______________ for a moment?
15. Don't _______________ this chance to buy a leather coat at a 20% discount!
16. My ex-boyfriend really _______________ his dad. They're both total jerks!